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19 Feb 2019
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I've had two Zetlight Lancia ZP4000-F-1200-46W LED units with I200 receivers and an I200 controller for about three years, which I've been very pleased with. One of the LED units packed up recently though and when I tried to replace it I discovered that they were discontinued. I managed to find one in the USA (I'm in the UK), but before I purchased it I found someone selling two ZP-4000-F-590-23W LED units, two I200 receivers and an A200 WIFI controller, all brand new, boxed an unopened, which I managed to get for £82.

Fast forward to today when it all arrived, I cut the end of of one of the metal mounting brackets and used the bits to connect the two units together to make one 1200mm 46W unit and tried to set up the A200.

First problem/question: I can't get it to connect to the old I200 receivers, but both of the new ones did the 8x flashing thing and connected correctly. This means that I have the A200 controlling the two new units and the I200 controller controlling the old unit. How can I reset the old I200 receivers?

Second problem/question: I can connect directly to the A200 using AP mode, but can't get the thing to connect to my router so that I can use STA mode. Any ideas?

Edit: I got the WiFi working in STA mode; the A200 LED is now solid blue. And now it's flashing blue then red...
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