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Aquarium volume calculators

Aquarium Calculators

Aquarium Calculators

Recommended Safety factor of 3.8
Aquarium Volume Calculators
Rectangular Aquarium
 - Enter the dimensions below -

Length - (inches)             (cm)
Width  - (inches)             (cm)
Height -  (inches)             (cm)


US gallons:             Litres:
UK gallons:

Cylindrical Aquarium
- Enter the dimensions below -

Diameter - (Inches)       (cm)
Height  -    (Inches)       (cm)


US gallons:             Litres:
UK gallons:

Hexagonal - Six Sided Aquarium
 - Enter the dimensions below -

Width of 1 side    (Inches)        (cm)
Height  -              (Inches)        (cm)


US gallons:                  Litres:
UK gallons:

Fahrenheit - Celsius Temperature Conversion -

Fahrenheit - (degrees)  = Centigrade - (degrees)


Hardness Equivalents - Carbonate hardness -

dKH = Parts per Million = Milliequivalents per liter


Liquid Measurement Conversions

US Gal:        <- To ->     Litres:

US Gal:        <- To ->     UK Gal:

UK Gal:        <- To ->      Litres:



Links to other calculators.

Various Calculators and Formula's
Including temperature conversion, circular tank volumes, surface area and many others.

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Alkalinity Reading Conversion
Convert your readings to the different formats. (meq/l / dKH / ppm CaCO3)

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DSB Calculator
Works out how much sand/media you will need to make up your DSB.

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Salinity Adjustment Calculator
This calculator takes the amount of water in your system, your current salinity, the salinity you'd like to achieve, and the maximum change in salinity that you are willing to risk per water change. It returns the number of litres and salinity of the water for each change.

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Fish Compatibility Chart.

This link should be viewed using Internet Explorer in order to make use of the 'cross-hairs'

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