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8 May 2007
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SeaDreams made quite a big splash last year when they shared pictures of a fabulous Reef Water ultimate sump that has every bell and whistle you could ever want. Now SeaDreams is putting themselves on the map with a complete tank build which features top of the line gear, and even bigger, more elaborate sump, and even custom aquascaping work.

You’ve seen DreamBoxes and ultimate tank builds but SeaDreams is really setting a high bar for how pimped out our high tech aquariums can become. The whole assembly starts with an impeccable aquarium stand which has four doors to allow access to every nook and cranny of the reef aquarium life support.

The custom built SeaDreams sump houses their own models of protein skimmer and calcium reactor. A Core 5th five channel fluid doser is installed right under the tank, away from the water of the sump, and four built-in dosing reservoir are also equipped with their own independent magnetic stirrers.

All of the major equipment is provided by Ecotech Marine with a Vectra pump for the return, two QuietDrive Vortech MP60s for flow inside the tank, and five Radions for lighting. There are four Radion XR30w Pro for lighting the main tank and even a Radion XR15 to illuminate a refugium area of the sump.

Not only has SeaDreams physically enclosed all the drivers and ReefLink hub in an attractive way under the sump, they’ve done the same digitally as well! A customized automation hub has provided easy access for controlling every part of the SeaDreams ultimate tank build using a tablet computer.

One exceptional feature which is easy to overlook is the use of a dedicated submerged bio-media section to minimize the need to excessive live rock inside the tank, further increasing this tank’s aesthetic appeal, and hopefully leading to an incredible live reef display. However, we have to dock them a few style points for using no less then three 90 degree elbow fittings right after the Vectra pump.

We get it, SeaDreams likes right angles but putting that many hard bends right next to the pump will significantly reduce its performance, and it would have been very easy to use just two 90s, or better yet, just two 45 degree elbows.

It’s amazing how SeaDreams has made all the wiring and power supplies invisible to the user, so that all you can really see is the vital equipment for visual determination of their operation. This reef aquarium system by SeaDreams is a top-to-bottom custom build for a client of theirs in Queensland, Australia. Although the tank already looks like a masterpiece of Aquarium Engineering, the pressure is on for this tank owner to create a reef aquarium that is on par with the hardware used in this tank.

If you’re going to have all the bells and whistles on a reef with an unfathomable price tag, then the inside of the reef aquarium better look like a million bucks too!

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14 Dec 2008
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that must cost a fair whack, $30k possibly