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    1. dkarstens
      HI David, I see you are based in Cape Town. I am looking at starting a tank. I need some assistance. Would you be able to point me the right direction? Thanks Daniel
    2. Heyne
      Hi any news on MASA giving us a hand?
    3. garrethm
      Hi David, please can you change my user name from Grr to garrethm. Thanks Garreth

      Ps will this change my login?
    4. TaahirS
      Happy B'day.
    5. rickgoldwing1
      question sticking rock together to get the desired affect what is the best safest way to do this ???
    6. Express Reef
      Express Reef
      Dude that was NOT NICE!
    7. Perky Pets
      Perky Pets
      hi Dave , my Inbox was full and need to recieve my last 4 PMs , as i cant respond to them , any chance you can get them resent as such .
      I have emptied the PM box in the meantime.
    8. Charl_Stanhope
      Howzit David
      Shot again for those sps frags. The one is doing well.the other is still struggling a bit but its getting there. Can you remember the zoas/polyps in my tank I got from you.the brown ones with the green eyes. what are they called again?
    9. mandarinman
      Howzit are u busy today? If not come to Montague gardens ill take you to this guy who got an sps shipment in last night . Yummy corals!
    10. Charl_Stanhope
      Howzit David

      when you coming to Hermanus again. let me know,would be cool to hook up for a beer.
    11. jack
      Hey im miving the tank today after 11:00 so if you could come and get your frag before that , it would be nice lol
    12. JohnDoe

      I was wondering if you have some free time, if you could pop round my place to come check out my tank. I'm around the corner from you in Kraaifontein.

      The tank's been running for a bit, but would like your input on what I've done with the tank and if there is any suggestions you have to better it.

      I'm usually home around 16:15 in the afternoons, so anytime after that would be great.

      Would really appreciate the advice.


    13. jack
      Hey m8 ive also started a tank bout 8 months ago and i just bought two shrimp today,i want to start with corrals and im looking for small frags i can buy as the LFS frags are to huge. Please let me know once you have more pieces of corral again plz

      The photo you put up of the corral are the kind of corral im looking for, i dont know the different kind of names but i like the ones that group alot of small "flowers" that cover the rocks.

      Plz lemi know if you have again im in Brackenfell and il pay. tnx
    14. clonetrooper
      hey DAvid

      Im starting a marine tank and want to know if you still have some caulerpa, im in desperate need.
      Im in Milnerton, Northern suburbs.
      please can you let me no.

      THanx alot
    15. mandarinman
      Give me a shout . i have been trying to get hold of you.are you avoiding me again?!
    16. Electrician24
      Hey you still allive?
    17. Charl_Stanhope
      Cool,thanks for the names. Pin cushion opened almost immediately. looking awesome. All frags open and look healthy. thanks.
    18. Charl_Stanhope
      can you maybe tell ,e the name of the sps frag you gave me? also,the name of the wrasse I bought. my memory is terrible.thanx for the frags again. they look awesome. now I need a bigger tank.
    19. lu cherry
      lu cherry
      Anyone wanting to see Nitrate Reactor at all?
    20. Electrician24
      were were you, came back from hooters now?
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