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    Puratek was born out of a company with roots in designing controllers for IT data centers. With a strong background in automation and disaster prevention, they branched into Aquarium controllers. They distinguish themselves from other controllers by several facets. For one, the web interface is managed by them. This allows them to push out firmwares to controllers, integrate additional features not immediately available from locally hosted controller interfaces, and develop a reefkeeping online presence that incorporates popular trends like social media. You can grant admin access to friends, and share stats.


    They have something for every niche. The web interface allows those without controllers to log chemistry data, equipment information like serial numbers and part numbers, and keep tabs on maintenance schedule. Take it a step further, and you can add 5 of
    their controllable web cams. That’s right, five! Point them at your tanks, your sump, your plumbing, etc. If you’ve already invested in a controller from another brand, the webcams and web interface still has something to offer you. Leak detector alarmed? Point one of the web cams around remotely and see what’s up.


    Take it another step further, and they have a standalone top-off unit, and also a controller (which the top-off seamlessly integrates with). The top-off unit has the option of your typical float switches OR non-intrusive level sensors that mount on the outside of the sump with an adhesive. It works with sumps up to 1/2″ thick, but sensors for thicker acrylic/glass are in the works. The controller has the usual capabilities we are accustomed to, but has some distinguished features as well. One of the more interesting products is a stray voltage probe. When some worn out powerhead or cracked heater starts leaking voltage, the controller can alert you. Their power strip also acts as the ‘breakout box’ you normally see with other controllers. The power strip is rated for 14 amps and equipped with a surge suppressor. Oh and they already have native integration with AquaIllumination, Kessil, and Tunze. Puratek came out of nowhere throwing heavy punches. Time will tell how the product develops and how the overall user experience is. But it sure does look promising.


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    GEEZ...the gadgets are getting so advanced....but wow...sooooo cool...:p

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