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  • Yeah, I had it going strong for over a year and then the lights killed it :(
    It was not one of the dimmable units, they couldn't get one in. I tried acclimatising the corals by starting off with one hour photo periods but by the time I got it up to 4 hours the damage was done. Eish.

    Hope your tank is doing well :)
    lol! I'm sure that you will find one soon :)
    I've given up on getting a unit for mine, I had one of the cree units and it fried my goniopora (was really, really upset about that).

    Good luck :)
    You have been very quite lately, hope all is well on your side :)
    Did you manage to get the light unit for your tank?

    I hope you dont mind but i need help urgently. I just bought a boyu tank, now how do I set it up? What water do i use so that i can get it going? I am staying in richardsbay. Can i just use normal sea water?
    Oooops, Sorry bout that. lol. Knew it was one of the ladies. Thanks for the link

    I remember you buying those hanna checkers and was just wondering what you thought of them. i am very keen to get some but are they worth it? Thanks
    Thx for all the info. I will have a look at the saga sounds good. Most skimmers won't fit in my tank either. The only one that might is the ro hob skimmer. Will look into it. Thanks again
    Hi. Not sure what to add. Any suggestions? I see u also have a nano. Do run an ato system? Also what skimmer do u use? Thx
    Sorry to bug you but I need your advice.
    I can get a vertex alpha 170 four months old for 4k

    Any advice?
    I am just scepticle about 2nd hand stuff I am currently struggling with the heaters and bulkheads cause they are used.

    I really value your input

    None of those customizations work, trust me, rather go do a waterchange or something. :tt2:
    lol, cool.
    p.s. There's waaaaaayyy too much pink on this page, think I need to delete that colour from the options. :p
    Hey Belinda, any idea what happened to Keegan? He hasn't been online for over 2 weeks?
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