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    At the moment I have 1 white light in those basic black plastic canopy lids that one gets standard when buying tanks. One of my next steps is to either make or buy 2nd hand canopy to hold more lights. My tank is 600 deep 300 wide and 900 long. I assume 2 blue and 2 white is sufficient for fish and soft corals and cleaner shrimps.
    One hears conflicting stories about using glass slides between lights and water all with pro's and con's. One see's these lights that hang from ceilings, while others have brackets that sit on each end of the tank. If one goes for an "open" bulb option are moths landing in the tanks not a problem for poisoning water or fish eating them?
    Going for an "enclosed" canopy set-up would then be better. Are there any decent "enclosed" canopies available apart from the cheap one I have. I have'nt seen any in the shops I visit.:slayer:
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    Hi Gemma, I think you would be better off getting someone to build a canopy for you or either buy a light fitting that hangs from the roof or rests on the edges of the tank.

    Flying ants and moths etc. won't cause a problem, just have a look every day or two, they will generally collect in one area then just scoop them out.

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