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    [​IMG]Idol Marine now has a facebook page to keep you up to date with what's happening in our world and to bring you our specials and newsworthy information even faster.
    We will be having a draw of everybody who goes to the site and "likes" it. The prize will be a big bucket of Salinity salt, or the equivalent value in livestock.
    We will also have specials that will only apply to our facebook customers who have liked us, in the future so it really will benefit you to be a part of this club.
    Click this link to get to the Idol Marine page.
    If you are not on Facebook already, it is very easy to do.
    Go for it!!!!

    This week we got in a big Indonesian shipment with lots of new corals, LPS, Softies and SPS.
    So the reef beds are full again, come and get 'em.

    Last week we got in a fine American shipment, but many of you did not receive this letter.
    So we still have plenty of yellow tangs, Queen angels sold, Royal grammas.
    We have two pairs of beautiful Onyx A Grade Perculas.
    Emerald Crabs, Pepperment shrimps, Turbo Snails Mexican Turbo's.
    Fancy Gorgonians.
    And plenty more.....
    So come through.




    We also have got our supply of Aptasia eating Nudibrach's back in stock, so anybody needing a solution to an aptasia outbreak, without any side effects such as those caused by other treatments must give us a call and we will supply an easy solution.

    We have recently got the really impresive and very reasonably priced Razor Led lights onto our stocklists.
    Here is a picture of the 160w light +-700mm long light.


    Also in is the Aqua Medic range including the fantastic Eco runner 9000 and 6000 uplift pumps, using a measly 95 and 70w respectively.
    There are also the famous AquaMedic Magnets and scrapers and the Aquamedic Ozonisers and salt, as well as much more.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Remember that you can get your live and enriched Artemia from Idol. Your fish and even some corals will love this.

    For those of you that use premixed water, we are now making all our water with the fantastic Seachem Salinity salt which as far as we are concerned is the best salt in the world because of it's consistency.

    We hope to see you soon.

    Cheers for now,
    The Idol Marine Crew
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    I like..:thumbup: just the other day I said I wouldn't mind getting one..:)

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