Commercial Posting Policy

Commercial Posting

Sponsors of this site are given banner space and/or a forum to promote their business. All other posts, signatures, usernames or avatars that are deemed to be commercial in nature are not allowed and will be removed. This includes not only the general membership but our sponsors as well. Sponsors posting outside of their forum are posting as general members, not as sponsors.

Whatsapp and Facebook Groups:
Advertising of Whatsapp groups and Facebook groups is not allowed by sponsors or any other user acting on behalf of or for a sponsor, either in an official capacity or not. Sponsors may advertise their Facebook Page. defines a “commercial post” as knowing and wilful posts made by private individuals or businesses, directly or indirectly seeking commerce. Additionally, posts made by individuals or businesses in regard to other commercial activities, in anticipation of direct or indirect economic benefit or relief from the subject activity, will generally be regarded as “commercial”. For the purposes of this policy, the word "post" includes messages sent via the private messaging (PM) system.

Of course many posts are subject to question, therefore reserves the right to determine whether or not a post violates the “intent” of the “commercial post” policy or definition as stated herein and reserves the right to remove posts at the discretion of

Although we allow mentioning of other shops and or businesses, please refrain from posting phone numbers, sales, specials, pricing information, or any information which in a context can be construed as advertising for a particular retailer.

Groups buys are not allowed if the items being purchased are in direct competition to items already supplied by current sponsors. This does not apply to DIY projects.

If you're caught shilling, your account will be terminated permanently. A shill is an owner, employee or associate of a seller of products or services who pretends (or purposefully omits) any association with the product or service, while pretending to be a satisfied customer or interested bystander. People who omit an association with a product or service for other reasons (they're paid to post about it, they're helping a friend, etc.) so that they can help promote it are also shills.

Violation of this policy can be grounds for removal from our community.

If you wish to become a sponsor please email us using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom right of the page. thank you.
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