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8 May 2007
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The reef aquarium hobby might be drooling over shrooms right now, but spectacular chalice corals are still being discovered that can turn even the most jaded of heads. The Bomb-Bomb chalice coral is a spectacular Echinophyllia from Titan Corals which will keep chalices on our wish list for a long time to come.

The Bomb-Bomb is aptly named with a “shocker” style coloration with a nominally red base color and bright yellow mouths. On its own this would make for a beautiful coral but the Bomb-Bomb build on this motif with sexy blue growth margin that brakes up into streaks towards the interior of the coral.


A shocker-style chalice coral with a bright red base coloration and neon yellow mouths.

The cherry on top of this already retina-searing chalice coral is the brilliant green leading edge of the colony which makes the Bomb-Bomb a rainbow, shocker and alien-eye chalice coral all in one. If you think the colony looks impressive, since many of the features of the Bomb-Bomb are concentrated in the edges you know this coral will propagate into some wicked looking frags.

And frags is already what the mother colony of the Bomb-Bomb chalice coral has become. Titan Corals has already divided the major mouths of the Bomb-Bomb colony into a dozen or so frags which could see the light of day in a few more weeks to a month. We can’t wait to see how the frags turn out and develop and hopefully this is one coral that adapts well to aquarium life because this is one coral strain we want to see distributed far and wide.


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