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8 May 2007
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The most exciting new strain of domesticated Amphiprion this year was easily the Super DaVinci clownfish revealed by Sea & Reef Aquaculture. For those of you hoping to get your fins on this striking new clownfish strain, you’ll have to wait until next year 2016 to get your chance.

Following a hugely successful launch on social media and MACNA, the Super DaVinci garnered so much attention that Sea & Reef has had to ramp up production so that they can meet future demand. If you can’t wait that long for the Super DaVinci, you can still get the visually striking Black DaVinci clownfish from Sea & Reef, which are the progenitor strain for the Super DaVinci clownfish.

Sea & Reef Aquaculture has developed a reputation for the highest quality captive bred clownfish and other reef species. We have utmost confidence that the Super DaVinci will be released when it’s good and ready and in the meantime we hope to see more progress shots of this exciting new strain as it grows and matures.

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