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Discussion in 'Pet Stop SA' started by Moolis Moolman, 16 Dec 2009.

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    As promised I am posting the results of the lucky draw on the forum.:thumbup:

    Thank you for your participation all we had more than 200 entry's - YOU ALL :yeahdude:(rock)

    The WINNER is .......drum roll .......... drum roll

    Before I announce I would like to thank RED SEA for assisting PET STOP in this competition!! The price is awesome:slayer: The winner win a complete RED SEA MAX starter kit

    AND THE WINNER IS ......

    J Barnard -
    Congratulations - come any time (when we are open:)) to collect your price. Phone call to you by Shawn made?

    Just for those that are not Pet Stop customers / or did not visit us the past month.

    To enter into this competition you needed to spend R750-00 or more @ Pet Stops marine department to get 1 entry, If you bought for more than R 1500-00 you received 2 entry's and so on.
    Discount cards used, discounted purchases and incomplete purchases was excluded, so was items not in the marine department.

    A new competition for Omega one freshwater is running NOW and will end 29 Des 2009;)

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