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    It has been just less than a month ago when we broadcasted about the newest Paracentropyge hybrid to hit the scenes. Well you can scratch that, as BlueHarbor has just uploaded in video, another individual; making this the fourth specimen as far as we know existing in the hobby. Koji teases us with this ridiculously short video of the new superstar fish and it leaves us craving for more. How many other rare fish can you spot making cameo appearances in this brief thirteen seconds?

    Paracentropyge-collage.png The four P. multifasciata x P. venusta hybrids to enter the trade so far. A – 3rd specimen that appeared at Namamugi-fish. B – 2nd specimen to appear in Japan in a long while. C – First ever specimen offered to the trade, photographed by T. leda and was published in Endoh’s book. D – Still capture from BlueHarbor’s video.

    Fortunately for us, markings on this new P. multifasciata x P. venusta hybrid differ to all others that have appeared in the past. Each hybrid’s pattern is like a unique fingerprint, which makes comparing them very easy. The collage above shows all four in a side by side comparison and it is clear that none of these fish are the same. More images on the third specimen from Namamugi-fish can be seen here, showing the fish facing the left as well, just for comparison sake.

    What is most interesting in the video above is the apparent health of the fish. We’ve heard stories in the past on how brazen and adaptable these hybrids are compared to both their pure blooded parents, which are normally shy, reclusive and difficult to feed. This one from BlueHarbor shows the same bold nature as it swims in a tank full bustling with other fish, as well as its full and well fed looking physique.

    Rightfully so, as this three year old fish was filmed by Koji himself in his customer’s tank. We have no idea how many of these excruciatingly beautiful hybrids exist in secrecy, and it’s hard to imagine something like this can slip through the cracks and avoid headlines. If there’s anything we’ve learnt so far, it is that japanese fish keepers hold the best and most prized collection of fish anywhere in the world, and we’re not surprised if more of these gems are lurking somewhere inside the apartments of Japan.
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