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    NanoBox Reef’s Dave Fason has been mostly quiet the last half of this year but the time that he’s been MIA has been spent designing and building one of the smallest high-powered LED lights for the demanding nano and pico reefer. Using a similar extrusion and chassis as the underground favorite NanoBox Reef, the Mini kind of reminds us of an iPod Mini with it flat ends and large-radius rounded sides, especially the swanky white one.

    The NanoBox Mini measures six inches long and the passively cooled box can handle between seven and nine LEDs of your choice, as long as it’s Philips Rebel ES in*Warm White, Cool White, Neutral, Royal Blue, Blue, Cyan and Deep Red. The NanoBox Reef Mini includes a two channel dimmable driver which we hear will soon be compatible with external 0-10v control.

    Dave is currently hand building the $250 NBR Mini LEDs a-la-carte via the NanoBox Reef facebook page but he is expecting to start building up stock and listing them on the web shop by year’s end.




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