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8 May 2007
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Lupyled is a German company that has been quietly developing their LED light for more than a year. Before it has even launched, the Lupyled started gaining recognition with an award for tis design, and we still haven’t see the darn thing yet!

Thankfully, the team over at Lupyled is finally set to reveal the results of their very long development period. Finally, the app, hardware and software aspects of The One LED are completed to the point that Lupyled will be unveiling this long-teased LED fixture.

For more than a year all we’ve gotten to see of the Lupyled One is the shell, which is a sleek slab of metal that betrays not a single button or control port. However, Mr. Blurrycam has returned to show us what appears to be one ginormous field of light emitting diodes made up of a huge array of controllable LED clusters.

Thankfully, as you can see from the header image above, we’ve gotten a much clearer look at the One’s LED clusters. From that image we can spy a huge array of medium output SMD LEDs which might be less bright than high power diodes, but altogether they can create a bright and uniform light that will blend colors very evenly, and create an even light field which is great for lighting photosynthetic plants and animals.

And speaking of colors, the closeup image of the LED clusters clearly shows a rainbow of diodes in white, red, green, maybe a couple shades of blue, and ultraviolet. We’ve also been able to determine that this fixture is actively cooled and it employs a specially made 3D printed part to help the One maintain its unique super slim profile.

Where some other controllable LED lights might have basic multicolor channel control, we’ve dug up this animation demonstrating some of the submenus of the Lupyled app. The app appears to show that the Lupyled the One will be able to individually control different clusters of LEDs to create a spotlight effect in the aquarium.

Anymore speculation on the One LED from Lupyled would be a reach but we’re truly excited to learn more about this light. Tune in this Sunday October 25th for a live online unveiling of the Lupyled One by Oliver Knott to see how this light lives up to the hype they’ve been generating for such a long time now.


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