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    Kessil has been teasing us with their forthcoming Aquarium Panel AP700 LED light fixture for nearly a year now, and frankly we’re ready for this new phase in Kessil’s legacy to come the aquarium hobby. After years of refining the ultimate LED spotlight, the Aquarium Panel is the most refined and feature-rich light Kessil has ever made.

    We wouldn’t fault you for thinking that the AP700 is just two Kessil A360s packaged into a fixture form factor, but the AP700 is so much more than that with refined optics for spreading light across a whole four foot tank, and more fine tuned controls than we’ve enjoyed in the Tuna Blue series of Kessil spotlights.

    [​IMG]The Kessil AP700 not only has some of the best Dense Matrix Array LED Multichips Kessil has ever made, it also has the smarts of their Spectral Controller built right in. The best and most modern feature of the Kessil AP700 is the direct wireless control that will be accessible through a dedicated application which will finally unlock fine-grained control of various lighting features as well as the coral-flattering colors that Kessil lights are well known for.

    We had a renewed look at the Aquarium Panel at ReefStock a couple weeks ago and you can see from these images that the fixture is extremely sexy, and really looks like it’s getting close to ready for actual release. An availability date and price has not yet been set but you can rest assured that we’ll be sharing news of it as soon as it is revealed.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]
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