[FS]: Various items from Shutdown of Tank: Benoni

8 Apr 2014
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Various items from Shutdown of Tank​
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All sales to be conducted on the thread.
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Photo's and description/list of items for sale:
Some items still available

T5 End Caps - SOLD
1 x Sock Holder - R100
2 x Coral Syringes Basters (1 Big + 1 Med) R250 both
1 x DIY Auto Top up Unit (incl pump) - R300
Flipper Mag Cleaner - SOLD
2 x Algae Clips - R50
1 x Kent Marine Turbo Calcium 20% Left - R100
1 x Tetra Marine Flakes 90% Full - R80
1 x Formula Two FLakes 90% Full - R80
1 x ATC Refractometer - R380
1 x 75L Black Plastic Dustbin with Lid (Used for mixing Salt Water - R100
1 x 60L Black Square Bin with Lid (Used forRO  Water for auto top up) - R100
Nitrate Reactor +pump + media - R500 (SOLD)
RO unit that requires assembling, not sure of tds or age as I bought it but have not used it - R600

Will uploads pics soon​
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Please let me know if you require other pictures.

Thanks for looking
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@RomanvP Dibs Noted. Please see the first picture on Post 2 of the actual Refractometer.
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cant see any pics, could be my pc not showing the pics

Pictures are on Photobucket.
If you are browsing from work, maybe they blocked Photobucket.
Im interested in 8 t5 end caps of you willing to post to ct at my expense
@4age @zippy has first option on the end caps. Will let you know if he does not take them
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It was previously used and has the di system. Where about on th e east rand are you situated? Come have a look and see if you happen
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