[SOLD] [FS]: Lineatus fairy wrasse male: Near Cresta, Johannesburg

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28 May 2008
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Cresta, JHB
Fish for sale
Common Name:
Lineatus fairy wrasse male​
Scientific Name:
Cirrhilabrus lineatus​
Size of fish
How long have you had the fish?
6 months​
Is the fish eating?
Yes, everything​
Shipping or Collection only:
Collection Only​
Your location.
Near Cresta, Johannesburg​
All sales to be conducted on the thread.
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Hi guys,

I have a lineatus fairy wrasse male available. The story is that I got a pair about 6 months ago, but the smaller "female" turned into a male about a month ago. All was ok, until last week when he became the target of the bigger male as well as my quoyi parrot. I rescued it out of the tank, and put it in quarantine with meds on Sunday. It has since made quite a recovery in the last 2 days and swims around like normal (with a few torn fins). I am keeping it in quarantine until this weekend, just to make sure it is 100% and to get its fins healed, by when it will be for sale for R1200. This is quite a bargain, on Live Aquaria the smaller males go for $299. Please note its left eye is damaged, but this has been like this since I got it 6 months ago, and does not hinder it in any way.

It is the left one in the back of the photo, this was taken last week just before the bullying started:


Also a video of it in qt last night, you can see it seems to be fine again:

Cirrhilabrus lineatus qt - YouTube
This fish is sold. If anyone is interested in the bigger male in the pic for R1500, let me know, he is still swimming around in tank, but I'm planning to trap him and sell soon if there is interest.
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