DIY Chiller?

15 Jun 2007
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Kuilsriver - Western Cape
I've recently moved from my old, cold farm house to a regular house, where temperature might become a problem in the summer.

Is there any plans out there for DIY chillers? Maybe someone have built one. :thumbup:
hill still has the old one i built, but believe me its less comlpicated in the long run to buy.... expensive but worth it if you consider what you could loose in a heat wave...
Chillers seem to just be one of those things that there aren't too many good DIY plans for. I'd say the biggest difficulty is that titanium is the only reef safe metal that doesn't corrode in salt water. The bar fridge mods have been done a few times but the compressors in them aren't really designed for the high temps and continous use so will most likely burn out anyway. As for the costs you'd still need at least a temp controller which is a few bucks anyway.
No idea I don't sell them :p I'd guess at about R6k. Eco Aquatics was selling some at really good prices (well, relatively to the others) though last year.
the Halia 300A is a good running it on my system which is almost 1000L and it copes.

I was told that these were not available to us any more... I need to save for a 300l and 1800l chillers how I'm going to do that by the summer the lord only knows....
Rory says it all. Its not pleasant to do but it makes a lot of sense to buy a commercial chiller that has been tried and tested. I do not have experience but think this apply's more to us ou's with the smaller setups,
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