Boyu TL-550 LED ver. Wave Makers

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    How to place the wave makers for best flow and how do you know when you have enough flow.

    This is fowlr tank so no corals as yet. I have upgraded to Seio Prop 1000's over the weekend. I was running a Seio Prop 530 and a Sicce Nano 2000. That gave me about 4000lt/ph. Now with the two Seio Prop 1000's it is 7600lt/ph in the DT. In the rear filter compartment it is only the return pump that is rated I think 1500lt/ph

    The two Seio Props's is placed like this

    Rear left top pointing 45deg to front right top cnr. &
    Front right top pointing 45deg to rear left top cnr.

    So they are facing each other. Is this okay or how would you place them. I know the way you stack your LR would also implicated the flow in the tank. I just want make sure there is enough flow and to minimize the dead spots.

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