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    Hi Reefers

    Those of you i did not see & those I did see this year " may 2010 be your turn to ride on your own gravy train, by you & your family having a healthy year, a loving home, a stable and growing financial future & may your reef aquarium only bring you joy!!" ;)

    It is already the end of January!! That is the bad news :p

    The good news is that we @ Pet Stop are proud to announce that we have caught up on the stock sold out over the holiday season and now have
    full shelves straining under stock,
    corals climbing out of the holding aquariums :lol: and
    our fish stock are back in the green at last (@ one point we only had 79 fish - lowest in 11 months- in stock). I do not know long this will be:whistling: but at the moment we are 90% stocked again:thumbup:

    We landed a few shipments already but will only start to post from Feb. as we needed to ensure your trip to us are worth your time & effort :whistling:

    Just as an appetizer I will post the newest shipment later today:yeahdude:

    So we have picked up the slack and are ready to serve you in 2010:slayer:

    Looking forward to a great time!!!

    Moolis & Shawn & Pet Stop staff

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