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  • Hi Amore I see you have a fox face and was wondering if you still look for a other one as well thank you Michelle
    Hi It's been a long time since I was last on ,but my new tanks base cracked so it was a lengthy process to get everything back up and running also a few bucks later so to be honest I haven't had any money to get that arch made but I'll c maybe in the future.
    Hi thanks alot for the info I just have one more question do you cure it in fresh water or salt and have you tried it in a previous tank with no side effects
    Hi Amore
    I just want to know when you made that base rock with aragocrete what cement did you use and what was the ratio that you used. I also want to know if you cured it or did anything to it befoere you added it to the tank. I would appreciate a response as I would like to create my aquascaping from aragocrete.
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