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Hi pHishman,
I have just read through your "Darwin x Picasso offspring" post.

Firstly well done, you certainly have the breeding down to a tea.
I wanted to enquire if you have any offsprings for sale at the moment?

And if so, how many and what is the asking price?

I am situated on the east Rand in Johannesburg.

Hi Devon, If you do not mind me asking what is your tank dimensions? Really like the overall proportion of the tank....
Hi how are u? Id like to chat to you about all the DIY you did on ur second hand tank - here is my number 0767917339 Eben here please whatsapp me
Cofounder of the Molina Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity whose mission is to reduce disparities in access to education and health.

Hi Nishal , How you doing bru, have you still got those Hydra lights? let me know , thanks Mukesh
Hi, I have a 1M x 700 x 500 tank, sump and galvanized stand for sale. It comes with wooden trimming on the display tank and cupboard for the bottom. 10mm glass. Price R4500 ONCO you may contact me on 0782194003 if interested. The tank was not used for a long time. So basically still like new. Cheers
Best and most effective calcium build up removers ?i have calcium build up on the outside of the tank and I have tried everything thats on the net ,vinegar,bicarbonate soda , coke ,lemone , magic eraser, vim . Nothing works .
Looking for live rotifers? What's app me on 0838237797. If anyone has go some too sell me
Hi, saw your post about building LED lights, I just had a new tank built for me which is 1.6x500x500. I have been looking at a few light options but theres so many opinions out there, I have no idea what I actually need. As you can imagine the budget is a bit low now but I will need lighting sooner than later. Is there anything you can build or recommend.
Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Would you have an approximate price I xpuls expect to pay for a light on my tank 1.6x500x500. I would prefer to support someone local who is trying to make the hobby more affordable.
Royden Church
Royden Church
On a tank that size you would require at least 2 lights to get proper coverage or one single custom panel of about 1.2m in length. I am busy with one for a 1.2m x 500 x 500 but its a custom built full marine spectrum light. I will work out an estimated cost and let you know on either.
Thanks, Appreciate it, would it be possible to get adjustable legs so it sits on the edge of the tank and not the sliders.
hi there have a reeftec ts 2 skimmer if you don't come rite with reefoctapus needle wheel pump im in bloem
Hi Nico. Is it for sale?
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