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Hi bud

Are you still looking for a light? I can get a new zetlight zs7300 in a weeks time for R5500


Hi bud

Do you have a budget in mind? i may be able to get your something new (cabinet setup) if you can send me more or less budget and size of tank you may be looking for.

Not sure if you will also need other equipment, then I can also try help

Hi there, I still have the big frag available. You can Whatsapp me on 0827933774. Regards. Danny
Hi Suniel, got an OW10. Looking for R850, its basically brand new in the box. Used for a month but too powerfull for my Nano. Still have the slip as well. Will send some pics tomorrow if you are interested.
Hey bud, I can offer R1200 for the hammer?
Howsit bud, paid R2500 for it and it’s doubled in size, since I got it... unless you have acans to swop?
I shall slip unnoticed through the darkness, like an unnoticeable dark slippery thing!
Hi Viper - are you the owner of this site ?
Hi, yes I am.
Hi Viper. I'd like to sell my Boyu TL 500 tank. Full of coral, fugee live rock ect. How do I go about. LED lights, UV sterilizer. All accessories to go. I have no time for it anymore. If anyone wants to see pics they can whatsapp me please 0824868891. Thanks.
Got a bunch of stuff - all in good nick and at a good price.
Worth a stop at his place to see whats on offer
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Brandon WJ
hey bud... I'm happy you happy... pop in anytime. hope to help you in the near future... keep well
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Hi, want to advertise my tank for sale, it says I cant post, can you advise please?