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    Zetlight UFO ZE8300 LED

    The Zetlight UFO LED is very interesting new aquarium LED light whose appeal goes far beyond skin deep. The UFO LED by Zetlight has a dramatic, flying-saucer shape with a flashy appearance that is accentuated by super glossy finishes, and complimentary mounting accessories.

    The Zetlight UFO 96w LED Light Unit is a superb 44 LED unit that can be powered up to 96 watts with improved transmission of UV rays. The innovative design from masters of aquarium lighting Zetlight features a beautiful quartz lens, with accessible controls and programming made possible via Smartphone connection or Apple iOS or Android.

    The futuristic design of the Zetlight UFO LED Light unit, lends itself to its eye-catching titanium alloy fasteners encased within a dynamic flying saucer shape. The modernistic design of the lighting unit comes feature packed inside a captivating construction that is both corrosive-resistant with an impressive IPX4 waterproof rating. Aside from its cutting-edge optional Zetlight Wifi Switch accessory, the lighting solution also features a beautiful Noctilucence’ moonlight, which is accessible at the edge of the unit. The feature which effortlessly replicates lunar cycles, can be programmed, or manually controlled for desirable lighting conditions inside the aquarium at any point.

    The Zetlight UFO 96w LED Light Unit also features a unique blend of Cree LEDs in eleven colors, concentrated together in a tight custom multichip LED cluster. A condensed optical lens also offers deeper penetration, whilst a hanging mount, bracket mount, and a flexible mounting arm provide quick and easy installation.

    By combining Zetlight's unprecedented craftsmanship and keen eye for cutting edge technology, this newest development offers something never been seen on the market before. Through injection molding technology, the incredibly lightweight design, together with its reduced thickness, creates an exquisite lighting feature to combine with any contemporary designed aquariums.

    At a Glance:

    Superb 44 LED unit

    Item Size: 8 x 8 x 1.5in (20.3 x 20.3 x 3.9cm)

    Complete with optional Mounting arm or Suspension kit

    Ideal tank size; L60 x W60 x H60cm
    Minimum Tank Size: L30 x W30 x H30cm
    Maximum Tank Size: L90 x W90 x H90cm

    Quartz lens for improved UV transmissions

    Titanium alloy fasteners

    Stunning flying saucer shape with glossy finishes

    Corrosive resistant

    Impressive IPX4 waterproof rating

    Programming made possible via Smartphone, iOS, Apple, Android connection

    Tight custom multichip LED cluster

    Deeper penetration

    Injection molding technology - lightweight and thin design

    Beautiful Noctilucence’ moonlight

    Can be manually controlled for instant visual impact



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