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    The Zetlight CAM is a new aquarium accessory that offers a close up look at your aquarium without breaking the bank. Wireless cameras like the Dropcam are super great for getting a wide angle, adjustable and recordable view of anything in your house, including aquariums, but the Zetlight CAM is uniquely tailored for aquarium use.

    [​IMG]The Zetlight CAM has a special lens that is fine tuned for being pressed right up the glass of the aquarium, with a focusing distance between 4 and 24 inches deep. A built-in suction cup allows easy mounting of the Zetlight CAM, we all know how long suction cups can hold up, but at half the price of the Dropcam Pro, and with water resistant features, the CAM is an easy add-on for peace of mind when you are away from home.

    [​IMG]The Zetlight CAM is a Wifi wireless device that connects to your home wireless router, and pushes live video feed to any iOS or Android device. We had a look at the Zetlight CAM at Aquarama and the video coming to the iPad was actually a pretty decent frame rate, and we could clearly see small damselfish pretty close to the camera. The white-balance of the CAM could stand to be improved but perhaps this could happen through a simple firmware update in the futures.

    The CAM from Zetlight is a pretty nifty accessory for your home aquarium, and while it won’t dramatically change your reef keeping experience, the low cost and high value make it a pretty easy consideration for traveling reefers.

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