18 May 2007
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Krugersdorp Gauteng
Hi anyone local using the Zeovit system? I would like to see local aquariums done this way.
I am intrigued by this and would like to know more.
howzit rod.ive also been thinking of giving zeovit a try.printed the zeovit guide out and have been studying and doing reserarch on it. www.zeovit.com . chek it out
Must be my favorite topic!!!!

ZEOVIT is great in my opinion , but there are many "drawbacks" which have stopped me from entering that realm.

With loads of input from OBI WAN, i have been developing my own "zerovit" system.

Amongst other things, I am looking at alternative methods of lowering nutrients, getting coral colours to "pop" and providing sps with food with the correct size and nutritional profile...

So far have been very successful, especially in terms of growth and colour.

Have a look at some of my corals in this thread:http://www.marineaquariumsa.com/showthread.php?t=482&page=3

Anyway, will start a thread soon on some of my theories behind the system.
Rod although i'm not new to marines, i am new to Zeo and new to a tank minus a sand bed.
I am still very pro sand beds and still believe that as a form of denitrification they are hard to beat.
When starting my new tank i wanted to give my corals the best possible chance of surviving and hopefully growing.
Six months down the line i am completely gobsmacked. Firstly i had no idea that sps greww so quickly,... and that there was equally as much diversty in colour shape and size as there is in lps.
Secondly... i now for the first time ever i have undetectable Nitrate readings...and i feed a lot...Frozen food and cyclopeeze.
My tank and sump total about 1000 litres and i do a 25litre water change every week.

I still, do not as of yet have enough LR, (by a long way) to credit for the lack of nitrates, so i can only think the reason is Zeo. I started using Zeo from the beginning and i have had no losses. I dose as recomended even tho i was advised to halve the dosing. I dose double the amount of iron because my greens are flat.

Please note....I know of people who have lost everthing,..... from established tanks that had switched to Zeo.

Hope this answers some of your questions

PS i dosed fairly recently with spur 2 and my corals (all) lost colour. So any body wanting Spur 2 will sell at half price.

Sorry Something else. Until i understand how bacteria can assimulate phosphate permanently i will continue to use Rowa phos. Changed every month. They also recomend the passive use of carbon. I use a reactor
I see in another thread DR added ZeoMag to his CaRx. How is this done, is it in a granulated form ?
Zeo Vit

Hi guys
Have now been running Zeo of for the last 14 months, and if there is any help I can offer please give me a call.

It is too lengthy to type out with voice recognition.

I have had good success. Both and & Sunburst have seen my tank.

Phone number 031 564-3940

Sean H
Sorry Something else. Until i understand how bacteria can assimulate phosphate permanently i will continue to use Rowa phos.

They incorporate the phosphate into DNA, RNA, phospholipids of cell membranes etc.

However unless the bacteria are physically exported in some way, theoretically that phosphate is still in the system.

They do not make phosphate disappear, just lock it up (until they die and decompose of course).
They do not make phosphate disappear, just lock it up (until they die and decompose of course).

Done by shaking/pumping the rector, which loosens the bacterial mulm growing on the zeolites, releasing the bacteria into the water column,
Feeding the corals and the excess being exported by skimming.

Zeo mag is magnesium rich limestone, opposed to calcium rich limestone, calcium carbonate, as used in reactors normally.
It is a granular substance, which goes a long way in supplimenting magnesium.

Be very careful in using a po4 remover as well as running the zeo system, as all living organisms require po4, just in minute quantities. From what i understand, zeo bakteria is very efficient at removing po4, by converting it to biomass. Using a po4 adsorbing media as well, could result in stunted growth due to available po4 being in very short supply.

Sunburst, i will take the spur 2 off your hands, what you selling it for??
Willing to swap for frags??
So can you use both ZEO mag and aragonite in a CaRx. Sorry about all the questions, just I want to be sure of what I am doing.
Yip, or just pure dolomite, which is magnesium rich limestone.

Using just aragonite in a reactor will cause a shortfall of magnesium in the long run, i believe.

Most calcium reactor media (crushed coral/aragonite) is made up of coral skeletons, so elements should be replaced by the reactor in the ratio by which they are used in coral growth. All sounds great so far..............

However, in our tanks, we have an often forgotten culprit which sucks up loads of magnesium: Corraline algae!
The ratio of eg. Ca to Mg is much higher in corraline than in acropora skeletons.
............This is where the ZeoMag or dolomite comes in!!
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