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    The ZeoBlue Zeolite reactor by Spanish aquarium retailer Blue Quercus that is similar to the Fauna Marin ZeoMatic 2 reactor at a fraction of the cost. As one of the few zeolite reactors utilizing a two pump system, the ZeoBlue not only circulates the zeolite but aerates it to increase nitrification.

    The main recirculation is handled by a*Tunze 1073.008 Silence pump that allows you to adjust the flow rate between 150-800 liters per hour. For aeration, the company is using an*Aquabee 2000.

    The reactor itself has 155 x 100 mm footprint *without the pumps and*285 x 255 mm overall. There were no stats on the height but from eyballing it, we guestimate it to be around 500 mm and an estimated 2.5 liter capacity. Blue Quercus is selling the reactor for*€199.99 VAT included.

    [Thanks for the tip Art]

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