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    Crystal Clear Aquatics Zap-Tasia is new gel formula designed to eliminate aiptasia and other pesky nuisance anemones and polyps in marine aquariums. The brief information we could find calls it an all natural, non-toxic solution to combat aiptasia. Made of a thick gel to help it stay put and not immediately dissipate in the aquarium, Zap-Tasia fills the anemones’ mouth or oral disc and encapsulates the tentacles and ‘planula’ as well (ed. note: not sure tjhat the use of the word ‘planula’ is appropriate in this case). The Zap-Tasia gel slowly dissolves to not only kill off the pest but help to control the regrowth. According to the company, any excess gel will dissolve over a short time and is harmless to tank and inhabitants with notes that any localized pH decrease dissipates quickly.

    Products like Joe’s Juice and DIY remedies like kalkwasser paste have been the old standby to rid the aquarium of aiptasia and Majano anemones. These proved to have some downfalls with the product needing to be applied carefully and directly into the pest to ensure it came into contact with the pest. The gel formula is a unique way to keep the product in contact with the pest for as long as possible. Zap-Tasia may be a great option until you are able to buy one of these handy electrical aiptasia tasers. An eight-pack of Zap-Tasia filled syringes retails around $26.99 and is available at a few online retailers as well as stores in the Maryland area.
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