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would electric blue hermits do ok in a 10lt tank? I took the smallest one i could find?
They will do fine, but they do grow bigger than the yellow tip dwarf hermits. Just ensure your scaping is stable.
Can I just add that a urchin does a great job as part of my cleaning crew.
I bought myself a "Tuxedo urchin" as the guy in the LPS told me, and that little guy really pulls his weight. I was a bit scared in the beginning as some books suggest that they can rearrange your rocks, but mine has'nt.

Thanks for the AWSOME thread. Person like myself(clueless) it's a great help. Thanks again
Thanks for the AWSOME thread. Person like myself(clueless) it's a great help. Thanks again
if you have a Q i am always around
Hi guys.

I did sum maintanence on my tank and had to unplug the pump. Ever since I put it back on there is air bubbles pumped into the tank. I have no idea how its happening. The pump in sump is totally submerged. So I am really dumbfounded. Anyway, is there a problem wid the pump? And is it a problem if the pump is pushing bubbles into the tank ( I hear to much oxygen is not good) ? Please help. Thanks
Hi guys. So I bought a few snails. 6 of them and blue legged hermit crabs. All the crabs survived and only one snail. I was always under the impression that snails would b more resilient. Anyway, now there is sum white stuff coming out the shell, is it necessary to remove it? The shells are really kewl and I taut I'dleave them in. Is it a problem?

2nd question is regarding the lights. I got two white and two blue t5. Do I keep them all on during the day and jus the blue ones at night? Or all off at night? Thanks guys.
Snails will need food, maybe tank was too new and what type of snails?
A pic will help

I turn all my lights off
I shal post a pic later today. Looks like a turbo snail. Tank is 2months old. The guy I purchased them from said they feed off all the algae & don need foods. Wat should I get them? But they died like the second day, Only one survived. Do I need to feed the crabs? If so, what? Thanks so much dallas.

It's a turbo snail. Looks like upside down funnel. The shells are really AWSOME, thought I would leave them in the tank but there is white matter coming out from it, should I remove the shells? One snail survived and all my crabs. What should I feed them, sea weed from sushi shop? (I was told that, but I figured I will check with u guys b4 I do anything).

Btw, it's lying on its side in the photo coz I wanted to see if there was any life.
if they are dead, you can soak the shells in boiling water and then in some vinegar, then rinse in RO and leave in your tank for hermits etc.

they will eat the algae in the tank and rocks, even the small stuff we cannot see :)
It's a turbo snail. Looks like upside down funnel.
actually they are Trochidae snails and not Turbo

Once settled, they are fine, but you need to acclimatize them very slowly. Up to 4 hours. Check the salinity and PH to be very sure.

Snails are more effected than hermits due to sudden water changes. Unless they are used to be in a small rockpool like Nerita snails.
sorry to jump into the middle of the thread, but was wondering if I could stock my tank with any of these locally? I stay in Durban and plan on only having local fish, zoas and whatever else interesting I can find on my dives.

When adding them to your system, do you need to add them gradually or can you add them all at once?
@Gareth0508 add them gradually. otherwize it can cause a shock to your system. increase your bioload slowly and not to fast at once. the fish wont stress so much in that way and a smaller chance of sickness breaking out from stress. local fish are fine to add to your system. also the hermits and zoas. please when taking out zoas just take small frags from different pools. and not huge lumps. no matter how big the colony is. :thumbup:
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