Yellow looking water

6 May 2007
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I noticed last night that my water is looking yellow, will carbon help to sort it out ??
yupp, i run carbon on mine and water is really clear. I got some of waterboy's super dooper carbon from Carl.
I will need to get hold of some good quality carbon, I have a big bag full at home but it is cheap freshwater carbon
Guy's please take this to PM and lets keep the thread on track.
Hi Psycho

I have 50kg's of marco's carbon. Call me or pm. This will definately clear the water. Currently on my temptank the water is crystal clear.


Carl how long do you run the carbon and how long do you use it before it is replaced ??
I've heard that if you leave the carbon in too long without replacing it... The water looks yellow. When last did u change your carbon
Depending on the amount you run for your system will determine the frequency of changes. i run about 0.5 kg changed every week on 2000L
Alan, my whole system is about 500l, Can I use say 500g and just leave it is for longer ??
ok kewl .... yep carbon will work wonders ... could it be that your lights maybe giving off that color ... just wana keep the options open thats all
physco if you haven't been running carbon and the water is yellow then carbon will defineatly help clear it.
Just a word of caution, if you have corals in your tank and you running powerful lighting you might want to reduce your photoperiod. The clearing of the water will give you much better light penetration and can induce light shock in some sensitive corals.
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