[FS] Yellow Eyed Kole Tang

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7 Feb 2011
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R300. I recently added an Eibli Angel and these guys don't get along. I guess it might have been ok if the tang was added after. I've had it for quite a while. I'm in houghton, buyer must collect ASAP as the fish is in sump.

Please bring your own bucket or bag, and not a 25l bucket or i'll charge for saltwater as well :)

Hi Bud, are you there now? You not too far from Sandton, could pop by now quick and put him in my tank at work.

Is he fit to travel though?
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Not at home at the moment. Will be home by 5pm..
Sure, Thursday evening it is. If i'm home during the day between now and thursday, i'll let you know and you can collect. What time do you knock off?
100s, else early in the morning if you prefer. I try leave Sandton around 3ish, but Thu ill be here late for a change, so can come around 6.30pm. Will bring cash on the night if that's ok?
Got a flame and coral beauty, they had there differences at first but ok now. Eibli not yet settled, haven't got it to feed as yet, but working on it. The Eibli is bigger than the flame and coral beauty, so they haven't really harassed it..
1.4m (l) * 700mm (w) * 500 (h)
Hi Bud, Nice meeting you last night and thanks for the stunning fish. He is doing well in his new home, got harassed by the cleaner shrimp for a bit but all good now.
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