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    The yellow carpet anemone is the latest*Stichodactyla color variation to reveal itself not through pictures or hearsay but through actual living specimens. Global Reef Supply this week received not one but a handful of beautiful yellow carpet anemones which look almost unreal juxtaposed next to other fine blue and purple Stichodactyla carpet anemones.

    yellow-carpet-anemone-2.jpg Once upon a time a neon green carpet was among the best you could get, and we knew that blue and purple carpet anemones existed as well, but these commanded a super premium.*Then one day about 6-7 years ago we heard of a then-unknown red carpet anemone which had arrived at Sea Dwelling Creatures, and the new ultimate carpet anemone was now colored from pink to red.

    We have to wonder how is it that Global Reef Supply scored yellow hammer corals a couple of weeks ago and yellow carpet anemones this week. The degree of the yellow coloration of this latest collection of Stichodactyla haddoni and S. gigantea anemones is definitely up for interpretation. They may not be the same golden, lemon, canary yellow as your primary school crayon, but these yellow carpet anemones aren’t a minty*leprechaun*green either.

    Regardless of the actual shade on the Pantone color swatch these yellow carpet anemones fall under, we are*always excited to see something we’ve never seen before. If red and yellow carpet anemones evaded us for so long, who knows what other colors and variations exist in the wild still waiting to be discovered. Can anyone say orange carpet anemone?


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