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    Xport-PO4, Xport-NO3 and Xport-Bio are some fancy new aquarium filtration media from Brightwell Aqiatics which are endowed with some higher-than-usual surface areas. Using some voodoo called ‘NanoIntelex Technology’ the new Xport medias boast super dense surface areas*that encourage biological nitrification (Xport-Bio), denitrification (Xport-NO3) and phosphate adsoprtion (Xport-PO4).

    In the case of Xport-PO4 one gram of the media can remove 30-100mg of phosphate, which is more or less in the same*league*as Bio-Phos 80 and PO4X4 granular ferric oxides. AS for Xport-Bio and Xport-NO3 these are just*a new form of really dense biomedia so you’ll still need to see them with the appropriate bacteria cultures and supporting additives.

    [Brightwell Aquatics]

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