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    For large-scale aquaculture operations, having better insight, information and data about your operations is more than just about success rates and output, it helps with managing resources and efficiencies. In the past, when you needed to tally your aquatic organisms you needed to do hand counts or other semi-accurate methods. But the XpertSea XperCount2 is looking to change that.

    Dubbed the ‘magic bucket’ by one customer, the XperCount lets you count, size organisms in seconds. All you do it put your organisms in the bucket and hit count and the bucket does all the work for you. On top of this, it also provides some cool data management features.

    Granted this isn’t for the average hobbyist or basement breeder, however this will make a certain set of you stop and say “Oooooh. How cool!” You know who you are. So watch the video below to learn more:

    XpertSea on Discovery Channel - YouTube
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