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    xp-g2.jpg Cree XP-G2 will bring with it better efficiency and tighter beam angle

    Cree is about to officially anounce the XP-G2, the successor to the long time favorite XP-G. Some of the details are still up in the air, but the big changes here are increases in efficiency, putting it on par with the XM-L for lumens per watt at higher color temperatures. Forward voltages don’t seem to be moving any, but that may change once the official datasheets apear. What we do know is also changing is the emission angle, down to 115 degree, over 125 degrees of the original.

    As for the efficiency changes, this is what we know so far:

    XP-G (@350mA)XP-G2 (@350mA)Percent Increase3000K98lm117lm19%4000K112lm130lm16%5700K121lm138lm14%We will update you once the official announcement comes out.*Not huge gains, but it’s nice to see that Cree is putting effort into improving the output of the lower color temperatures, which always seem to suffer. Cree XP-G2 parts already seem to be out in the wild, so expect to see them at your favorite LED supply retailer very soon.

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