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    XenoXon is a Hungarian skimmer and LED light manufacturer with some serious love for bright colors. We’ve already seen a fair share of colorfulness in the industry with Elos lights and stands coming in exotic colors, Atomic Reef reactors available in many flourescent colors, and Royal Exclusiv sumps coming with glazed acrylic and blue LEDs. But these skimmers and LED fixtures probably take the price. Xenoxon colored fixtures and skimmers aren’t just show models that the company made more for promotional purposes because it looks cool and an odd individual might buy them, they are the heart of the company. Flamboyant colored aquarium products is what Xenoxon is dedicated to. It might not be everyone style, but it goes without saying that all these products do look nice.


    Xenoxon produces two distinct products. Their Coralstar LED masterpiece fixtures and their Coral Dongo protein skimmers. We already covered the Xenoxon skimmers at Interzoo this summer, but the LED fixtures are still worth mentioning. The Xenoxon Coralstar LED fixtures design wise seem to be based on more conventional T5 or MH pendant fixtures. Each fixture has one or more “LED panels” which are either 40 watts or 56 watts depending on the model. Each panel consists of a cluster of 1 watt LEDs lacking any secondary optics or lenses. The fixtures are available in a dimmable variation, but we assume it the be manual rather than through and on board controller. The fixtures are currently only available around Hungary so US pricing is currently lacking. We’re not sure if or when these fixtures might enter the US market, but meanwhile browse the images below and check out the XenoXon website.











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