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    xbox-360-aquarium-1.jpg xbox 360 reef tank by Blue World Aquariums

    The XBOX 360 aquarium by Blue World Aquariums is simply a stunning work of both video game console modding and ingenious pico reef aquarium design. What we love most about Spencer’s XBOX 360 aquarium is that it follows the Ecoreef Zero function aesthetic but he applied an ingenious*design*aesthetic to fit the particularly narrow footprint of the XBOX 360 reef tank.*

    Of course the XBOX 360 reef tank is lit with LEDs but the tank is filtered by a canister and the aquascape is mostly epoxy-on-acrylic-sheet method. The mix of grey and pink epoxy really adds to the look and feel of the aquarium and the choice of a Ricordea*garden and a few zoanthids in a supporting role is absolutely sublime. Hats off to Blue World Aquariums for this awesome modded XBOX 360 aquarium, the full details of which can be seen here*and thanks to Dan for the tip.

    How much do you want to bet that there’s going to be a spike in the sale of broken XBOX 360 consoles over the next few days?

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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