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    It’s been a long time since we heard anything about the production of the Wyoming White clownfish and with the closing of C-Quest and unfortunate passing of Bill Addisson, it seemed like the strain might die out. The Maine Blizzard is another strain of clownfish which doesn’t get that much attention and even though ORA’s platinum clownfish are readily available, there are some real distinctions between these strains, not to mention their parent species.*To celebrate and promote the Wyoming White and Maine Blizzard clownfish that they are raising, Sea & Reef Aquaculture has produced a handy guide for anyone to become a*connoisseur of domestic marine clownfish strains.**

    In case you didn’t know, the Maine Blizzard clownfish is an Amphiprion percula while the Wyoming White is an Amphiprion ocellaris. Although the genetics governing all the white clownfish strains may be the same, they are manifested differently in the different strains and species, and if you*really*like clownfish you’ll likely prefer one over the other.

    Sea & Reef points out that the Wyoming White clownfish has a pigmented iris in its eye, a white chest, darkening of the fins which comes on very early but our favorite feature of the WyoWhite has always been the very pure uniform white coloration. By contrast, the Maine Blizzard clownfish has a clear orange iris, more orange than dark fins and the 10 dorsal spines expected of a true percula clownfish.

    Since Sea & Reef received the benefit of research funding for its aquaculture efforts about two years ago, it is extremely rewarding to see this aquaculture business still around and kicking, and doing its part to preserve the unique Wyoming White clownfish strain.


    Sea & Reef Aquaculture is bringing back Wyoming White Clownfish

    We are proud to announce that Sea & Reef Aquaculture is bringing back the Wyoming White Clownfish. At a first glance this exquisite white clownfish looks a lot like the Maine Blizzard clownfish and platinum clownfish, but there are distinct differences (see pictures). One of the biggest differences is that Wyoming White Clownfish are ocellaris clownfish unlike Maine Blizzard Clownfish and Platinums which are true percula clownfish.* Wyoming White clownfish have a more uniform white color and their fins are darker (and will get jet black as they mature). Also, their faces will develop a beautiful black outline. To the untrained eye it can sometimes be challenging to tell the difference between ocellaris clownfish and true percula clownfish. The giveaway is their eyes and the number of spines in their dorsal fins. The iris of an ocellaris clownfish is typically pigmented with shades of black and grey whereas the iris of a true percula clownfish is typically a clear orange color. The number of dorsal spines in true percula clownfish ranges from 9-10 with 10 being the norm. In ocellaris clownfish the number of dorsal fin spines range from 10-11 with 11 being the norm. Wyoming White Clownfish were originally produced by C-quest hatchery in 2009. Only few fish have entered the hobby and the last few years Wyoming White Clownfish have become very rare and hard to obtain. Sea & Reef Aquaculture will begin releasing limited quantities of Wyoming White Clownfish this fall. Pet stores interested in being put on a waiting list can contact Sea & Reef Aquaculture at

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