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    For the first time ever World Wide Corals is preparing for something a little different The WWC TIMESPLITTER Live Sale. You may be asking yourself,” Just what the heck is a TIME SPLITTER Live Sale?”

    It is a huge sale of WYSIWYG Corals with lots of energy and excitement throughout the entire sale. The sale will be taking place on for an entire 24 hours like in the past however this time the crew is pulling double duty and the sale will span over the 2 days as they are splitting the sale into 2-12 hour sales of absolutely coral frag insanity at massive discounts.

    They are promising to post over 1600 corals for sale. Here is what to expect: a large range of corals, prices, and selection. WWC’s newest releases and the hottest corals from the WWC’s farm. On top of that some corals prices will even be split in half and if that is not enough there will even be corals prices as low as $5.00. Ready,Set,Go…. here is the run down on what to expect.


    • Sale starts Saturday, May 21st at Noon est and goes on for 12 hours then they will break and resume again at Noon est on Sunday, May 22nd for another 12 hours! We will post “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) corals in this thread with a title, picture, original price, the sale price and a link to purchase it from our site. You can only go through the link posted here to buy the coral.

    • Communication will be through thread posts and Private Messages only. Over 1600+ items! total will be posted at random times throughout the whole 24 hours. Expect a batch of 3 – 10 new corals posted every few minutes. You snooze, you lose!

    • All orders are final, no exchanges or refunds. No credits, promotional gift cards, coupons, or extra discounts can be used towards on any items in the sale. Our 10-Day Guarantee applies to all corals they ship.

    *Please include your full name from your order in any PM or post communications regarding orders. They cannot identify you from your R2R screen name.

    **Very rarely corals will double sell because the website backend can’t keep up with all the orders trying to win the same item. If this happens the first order to go through will get the coral pictured, any other orders will get another frag of the same exact coral if more are available or credit towards another coral, your choice.


    • WWC Sour Punch Acropora (Retail $299)

    • WWC Hi-Liter Acropora (Retail $149)

    • WWC Black Orchids (Retail $149)

    • $100 WWC Coral Cash

    • $100 WWC Coral Cash


    • $100 WWC Coral Cash

    • $100 WWC Coral Cash

    Everyone who makes a purchase during the sale will qualify for the raffles! You can only win once. Raffle drawing results will be posted within 1 week of sale.

    Those who stay through both 12 hour sales and make a post every hour will also qualify for 2 separate $100 Coral Cash raffle drawings! (Purchase necessary to be eligible for raffle). You must PM us after the sale and let us know if you qualified for the post challenge or you will not be in the drawing.

    They will post corals priced at $5 each throughout the sale! You can buy a maximum of 2, and you must buy at least 1 non-$5 coral for each $5 coral you purchase.


    • Pre-Sale shipping will be discounted to $29.99 ($19.99 FL)! Purchase your shipping unit as soon as possible to secure your delivery date as shipment numbers are limited by day.
    • Out of state shipments will be delivered Wednesday, May 25th – Thursday, May 26th – and Friday, May 27th. (Florida shipments will be delivered on Thursday, May 26th and Friday, May 27th). In-store pickups will be allowed on or after Friday, May 27th.
    • You only need to pay for one shipping unit. Just choose “Live Sale Shipping” at checkout so you are not charged for again for shipping.
    • All boxes must be signed for at delivery if you want signature waived, they will only guarantee alive arrival. WWC recommends: hold box at local FedEx facility, for customer pickup.
    • No piggy back shipping with other people. They will not hold any orders except for weather/FedEx related issues.
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