RSS Write-Up Wednesday: Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber, (Holothuria sp.)

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    The Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber (Holothuria sp.) isn’t going to win the award for the flashiest thing in your tank. With a brown colored body that includes white thorny looking protrusions, the Tiger Tail looks like something you’d find bobbing around a wastewater treatment facility holding tank. Add on the fact that they can elongate their body at will and you’ve got a nocturnal, ugly, creepy-crawly thing that your kids will love.

    While they won’t win you a tank-of-the-month award for their looks, their cleaning ability just might. Tiger Tails eat detritus, algae, sand and left over food, leaving behind sparkly white sand that any of the tank personalities will appreciate. Note that I said they eat sand, so those of you with a bare bottom tank, strike Tiger Tails, and any sea cucumber for that matter, off your list.

    It’s not surprise that I love sea cucumbers and I’m fully aware that they do come with the risk of poisoning your tank if they get stressed. The stress level required to release poisons is usually quite high as the only time I’ve experienced a sea cucumber poison a tank was when a client’s sea cucumber climbed into his powerhead and got shredded. Some people assert that a dying sea cucumber will poison a tank and I’ve personally had several die over the years and never experienced any poisoning. I have no problem accepting the risk of having a Tiger Tail in my tank as I’ve found them to be quite hardy and mine have never gotten close to a powerhead.

    If you’ve got sand in your tank, you’re looking to round out your clean-up crew, and you realize the risk is there (albeit very, very low), add a Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber to your tank. You won’t be disappointed.

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