RSS Write-up Wednesday: Goldflake Angelfish (Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus)

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    The Goldflake Angel is one of the most striking angelfish available for a saltwater tank. Their bodies are a combination of bright and muted yellow areas with brighter spots of yellow which give the fish its name. As a juvenile, the fins are almost completely yellow with a black spot on the rear of the dorsal fin. When the fish matures into an adult the fins become black which make the fish even more striking. Add on a mouth that is purple-blue and you’ve got on eye-catching fish.

    [​IMG] A juvenile Goldflake that is in the process of becoming an adult

    While these fish are available in smaller sizes, they can grow up to 10” (25 cm) as an adult which means they’ll need a lot of swimming space. Goldflakes will do best in tanks sized 150 gallons (567 L)or better. Please do not be fooled into thinking that a small specimen is a dwarf angel and will do well in a small tank.

    Like most angelfish, Goldflakes are definitely “fish in the fringe” as they can develop tastes for corals. Adding to the risk is the fact that you won’t know if the fish nips or eats corals until you place the fish in your tank. My Goldflake Angel is a model citizen and ignores all coral. I’m fully aware the fish’s taste could change and I’m ok with that fact. If you love your coral more than your fish, or you don’t want to risk having to remove the fish from your tank, the Goldflake Angel is not for you.

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