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    Write up Wednesday: Catalina Goby (Lythrypnus dalli)

    The Catalina goby is the most striking goby for saltwater tanks. With it’s bright red body and glowing blue vertical bars, you simply cannot miss a Catalina Goby in a properly sized tank. By properly sized tank, I mean nano or even better – pico tank. Catalina Gobies grow no bigger than 2” and will easily get lost in a large tank.

    Another reason Catalina Gobies are best in a nano or pico is due to their preference of cooler temperatures. These fish are indigenous to the Pacific Coast of the United States which means they are used to temperate waters of temperatures of 60-70F (15.5 – 21C). While they can survive in warmer waters, their life span is often reduced in temperatures of normal reef tanks – 75F+ (24C). Therefore, a separate nano or pico tank that is made into a temperate tank is best for the Catalina Goby.

    Unlike other small gobies, the Catalina Goby is not shy and will spend time in plain sight. I’ve personally kept one of these fish and they are quite personable and voracious eaters. Just make sure you feed them a very small food like cyclopeeze or rotifers. Mysis shrimp are often too large for this fish’s mouth.

    Here’s a fun fact about Catalina Gobies that you can throw out at parties to impress people: the Catalina Gobies has both male and female reproductive tissues. However, they can only be a male or female at one time.

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