WOW thank you for your support

Discussion in 'Pet Stop SA' started by Moolis Moolman, 5 Apr 2010.

  1. Moolis Moolman

    Moolis Moolman Pet Stop SA Sponsor

    15 Dec 2007
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    Hi Reefers

    Thank you for your incredible support the last few months :thumbup: and all:p the new guys & gals I met, It was great meeting you all. :lol::lol: Hope to see you all very soon.

    Due to you all regular customers (YOU ROCK:yeahdude:) and the new customers (hope we see you again:)) we had a best month in our marine aquarium department, again.:slayer::slayer:

    As a token of my appreciation you all could look forward to great specials when I come back from holiday in 2 weeks.

    I am going to be on MASA till 20H00 tonight then back in 2 weeks.

    Shawn will pop in regularly to update you on new arrivals etc.

    Sri Lank shipment are landing early tomorrow morning:thumbup:
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  3. xtreme


    20 Apr 2009
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    Swakopmund Namibia
    enjoy your holiday!!
    PS( you got mail)
  4. Moolis Moolman

    Moolis Moolman Thread Starter Pet Stop SA Sponsor

    15 Dec 2007
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    Am going back to shop to check and reply to mails:thumbup:

    PS. I Did make sure Shawn know about your mails so he can help you;)
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