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    Have you ever seen a more beautiful sight than the one above? If you’ve spent any time working in the retail setting of the aquarium world, as we have for over ten years, then the posting will come as quite of a shock and also a relief.

    The daring fish aquarium professionals who would prominently display this bold statement are not some marginal LFS, they are World Wide Corals and they stand behind their livestock, the*right way – they don’t sell bad livestock to begin with!

    So many outfits see the livestock guarantee as a marketing and competitive advantage, much like brick n’ mortar stores like to price-match any advertised price. Similarly, fish stores in different regions of the country and around the net distinguish themselves by having a 7, 10 or even 14 day guarantee.

    With businesses willing to back their*livestock like it’s a*commodity*for up to two weeks, there’s very little incentive for the new fish or coral buyer to really go out of their way to provide an adequate home for their fish from day 1.

    With 14 days to get the animals to live or die, less conscientious aquarists can afford to purchase livestock and try to keep it alive for up to two weeks but if it dies, who cares? They can just claim the livestock died and get their refund and start all over again.

    We personally stand completely behind WWC’s livestock policy of offering no guarantees, and promoting higher skill level in their customers by encouraging them to carefully examine all livestock*before purchasing. Of course World Wide Corals will work with certain customers on a*case-by-case basis, as should all LFS, but we’d*like*to personally salute this fine Orlando fish store for taking the route which we believe is best for the marine aquarium hobby, and the livestock that we love to keep and grow.

    On the flip side WWC does offer a 10 day guarantee on items shipped from their web store, almost a given with any online dealer, but at least the sign in their showroom in a step in the right direction.

    For another angle on this issue take a look at Matt Pedersen’s piece on Livestock Guarantees.*
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