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    The Pink Floyd chalice corals is a hot new*Echinophyllia*from World Wide Corals which is sure to be one of the biggest new collectible strains of aquarium LPS. Sharing a lot in common with the original Watermelon Alien Eye chalice coral which was one of the first*Echinophyllia to reach stratospheric prices, the WWC Pink Floyd chalice coral has the basic pink coloration, bright green oral discs (mouths) but it is distinguished by a never-before-seen bright pink rim.

    We’ve seen a lot of chalice corals in our day, many of which are recognizable by brightly colored growth margins that are frequently green, sometimes red and occasionally bluish, but the WWC Pink Floyd chalice is the first that we know of with such a vivid pink rim. Since the overall color of the WWC Pink Floyd is dark with pink highlights, the pink rim appears really pronounced.

    The original colony of the WWC Pink Floyd chalice coral displays that signature pink rim over much of its perimeter, and we imagine that this strain will make for some truly eye-popping pink-rimmed frags. World Wide Corals plans to start propagating the Pink Floyd Chalice any day now – half of it will be retained for broodstock and evaluating its long term growth form while the remainder will be divided into neat little sections which are expected to fetch just under five hundred bucks per corallite.


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