Woohoo, I'm a fish Dad!!!!...LOL!

19 Mar 2014
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Cape Town
I decide to re-arrange my reef a little bit today and got the surprise of my life :eek:

I've got one of these all in one tanks with the "sump" being built into the back of the tank. Anyway, while I was standing at the back of the tank trying to arrange the rocks a bit, I glanced down into the "sump" section of the tank and ......holy cow, there swimming in a small group are 3 tiny Bengai Cardinals, each one about the size of a new 10c piece. They look identical to the adult Bengai Cardinals, just miniature versions.

I have no idea how they got to the sump area, or how they survived, as I have 2 of those filter basket things with sponge and filter wool. Either way, I'm super chuffed to have these baby Cardinals swimming around in my sump........now I just have to figure out how to catch them out of the sump. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
Cape Townian bengals seem to be very fertile! Congrats man.
Lol, congrats! That is an awesome surprise :)
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