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    Blackwater diving is not for the faint of heart, but underwater photographer Joshua Lambus shows us why it is worth trying out. Blackwater diving involves diving in the dark of night in the deep sea to view the massive migration of deep-sea creatures that rise to the surface to feed. Lambus, based in Hawaii, often travels up to 8 kilometers off the shore of Hawaii, to witness the largest migration of any group of animals on the planet. While these images look like they are from massive depths, Lambus captures these images only as far as around 18 meters deep or shallower. He is pretty good as what he does, capturing captivating images of even the smallest specimens, some that have not ever been seen before. Make sure you visit his website to see more images.

    [​IMG]A beautiful siphonophore species, Physophora hydrostatica. Credit: Joshua Lambas

    [​IMG]A young, unidentified species of ribbonfish. Credit: Joshua Lambas

    [​IMG]A lobster larva parasitising a jellyfish. Credit: Joshua Lambas

    [​IMG]A young, unidentified species, perhaps some kind of cusk eel. Credit: Joshua Lambas

    [via Scientific American]
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