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    suseela-medallion.jpg Suseela Menon seen here holding the rare artifact.

    Here’s a rather bizzare story of how a woman from Klebang found a rare 16th century artifact while filleting a shark for lunch. Housewife Sueseela Menon apparently brought back two sharks from the market to prepare curry for her husband, but while filleting one of them, she discovered this strange medallion in the stomach of the shark. The medallion is believed to be worn by Portuguese soldiers as protection while conquering this part of the world during the 16th century.

    The medallion features a profile of a woman’s head with a crown and encircled with a halo. There are also inscriptions on the medallion but is unclear. On the flip side is an inscription that reads “ANTONII”. Local historians revealed that the head engraving could be that of Queen Elizabeth, the consort of King Denis I of Portugal during his reign from 1271 to 1336. The medallion has since been washed, cleaned and placed in a box. How bizzare can this story get? How did the medallion end up inside the gut of a shark and what does a shark even taste like?

    Story via [TheStar]
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