RSS Wisdom from a 15 year old “extremely large” aquarium

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8 May 2007
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For most of us, upgrading and having a larger aquarium than the one we currently have is never far from our minds. We constantly dream about what corals and fish we would keep in it.

What kind of lighting and filtration equipment we dream of having. How much flow is enough for our new dream aquarium? Over the years Joe Yauillo of Long Island aquarium has been giving tours and talking about his 20,000 gallon tank.

But this video interview by Marc Levenson has to be the most thorough and in-depth I have ever seen. Astonishments aside I always appreciate the many words of wisdom throughout this interview, whether you have a small aquarium or a jumbo size mini reef. For a more specific breakdown of the different parts subsystems it takes to power such a massive slice of coral reef, check out these other stories on the 20,000 reef tank covering lighting, flow and filtration.
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